Eric Velez

Eric Velez

New York, NY, US



A confident, competent and imaginative interior designer with extensive experience in residential and commercial spaces from 300k to 2m. Having an excellent commercial

approach to solving problems and a proven ability to create fresh solutions for renovation of interior spaces or new construction.

During my journey as an Interior designer for the past 8 years, I have succeeded in all design projects no matter how large or small projects have been. I believe that by having

a broad understanding on peoples living situation and needs on their everyday life’s at home, you’re able to design great solutions to there everyday task at home that clients

will love! That also leads into keeping an honest and long-term relationship with your clients.




* Develop and maintain the visual identity and commercial aesthetics of sales and support areas that include, but are not limited to homes, room-settings, vignettes, non selling areas, entrance and exit
* Ensure the store is easy to shop, visually pleasing and shows attention to detail
* Contribute to an inspirational and convenient shopping experience for customers, with a focus on home furnishing and the structured and strategic presentation of the IKEA range
* Establish and maintain positive team and management relationships with all co-workers within IKEA
* Contribute to an environment where the IKEA Culture is a strong and living reality, that embraces the diversity of co-workers and customers
* Work with Brand Capitol Report to ensure and understanding of the market to improve solutions and needs when designing room-settings in the showroom for the many people
* Remain current and up to date on relevant IKEA tools
* Ensure the appropriate and most effective communication and lighting is used in all medias in the showroom
* Expansion team in IKEA Finland; planning showroom medias and implementing design plans for new store in Europe
* Represent the interior design team with exceptional integrity and attention to detail to medias in the showroom
* Support, teach and educate co-workers to understand the roll as interior designer within IKEA

Sep 2007 - current

IKEA EXPANSION CHINA, SHANGHAI, Shanghai, CN, Interior Designer Kitchen Showroom Overview Leader,

* Prepare kitchen showroom overview presentation to SO Country Commercial Team lead for approval
* Kitchen showroom overview responsible to ensure all China kitchen guidelines are implemented in Baoshan stores
* Review PMA and Brand Capitol reports to ensure all kitchen planners have a great understanding of local market relevant to improve commerciality in the showroom roomsettings
* Facilitate support to kitchen planners in all aspect of the planning process
* Review kitchen planners drawings to ensure IKEA kitchen guidelines are met
* Work with kitchen sales overview responsible to create workbriefs for all kitchen room-settings but not limited to price level, living situation, long term priorities, style expression, main products, hot wall function.
* Ensure Lighting plan is accordance to local market relevance
* Manage space planning, millwork drawings, materials, architectural details and color schemes for all kitchens
* Review all kitchen planners design needs & solutions of all kitchens to ensure local market relevance is in place

Mar 2012 - Jul 2012

IKEA, Helsinki, FI, Interior Design Expansion planner

* Expansion team support planning showroom medias and implementing design plans for new stores.
* Manage project schedules, milestones, deliverable; work with strategy, engineering and design teams to ensure quality and timelines of all deliverables.
* Develop and prepare presentations, including design concept, space planning, architectural elements, color schemes, fabric schemes, custom window treatments and custom furniture pieces.
* Present 3D renderings presentation to clients.
* Manage multiple high-end residential projects from design concept to completion installation.
* Preparation of project budgets.
* Prepare client proposals and oversee and coordinate purchasing of decorative items and deliveries.

Oct 2011 - Mar 2012


Angel Sandin Martinez, Vega Baja, PR, US, High School, General

Jun 1990 - Jan 1994

Areas of Specialization