Eric Rueger

Eric Rueger

Virginia Beach, VA, US

This is the First Floor Plan
This is the First Floor Plan
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Eric Rueger's Portfolio

Drafted by Eric Rueger
Bachelor’s Enlisted Quarters (BEQ), Wounded Warrior Battalion, Camp Lejeune , NC.
This a 70,000 square foot building with concrete masonry unit (CMU) block walls and
brick and stone veneer. It is three stories with 100 living units for 200 soldiers.
I worked under the project manager and was in charge of all of the drafting. Under
general supervision, the project manager gave me direction and checked my work. He
redlined drawings and he did the specifications.
At times, I had one to three other draftsmen under my direction to accomplish all of the
architectural scope. I checked their work and worked with them to get the project
manager’s directions completed.
The project was completed on time, on budget, and with high customer satisfaction.
All drawings are not for construction or redistribution.

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Status: Built
Location: Camp Lejeune , NC
My Role: CAD Designer
Additional Credits: Irwin Kroskin and Kroskin Design Group, Designed this project for Camp Lejeune's Wounded Warrior program.

This is the Building Elevations
This is the Building Elevations
This is a Section Sheet
This is a Section Sheet