Eric Morris

Eric Morris

San Francisco, CA, US



Born in the Chesapeake, raised in the South, and educated in the Northeast; Eric Randall Morris is a young architect in training holding a B.S. of Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a Master of Architecture from MIT. Currently working with the former dean of the School of Architecture + Planning at MIT, Adele Naude Santos, at her firm, Santos, Prescott + Associates, in Somerville, MA.

Eric has a wide range of skills within the realms of representation, design, and computation, with an ease in public speaking and client relations. Personal interests include documenting and identifying the American vernacular architecture, graphic design + photography, as well as a significant curiosity on spatial and experiential phenomena in the built world.

His professional work includes a multitude of projects : affordable housing, multi-family housing, renovations, urban planning, and a variety of competition submissions.

Eric is currently published in EVOLO Skyscrapers 3, Fairy Tales Vol. 3, and is participating in an upcoming exhibition in Denver, CO.



Social Native Marketing, Content Creator

Art Direction / Client Relations / Advertising + Promoting / Social Media Fluency

Aug 2015 - current

Santos Prescott and Associates, San Francisco, CA, US, Junior Architect

At my current position as a Junior Architect at Santos Prescott and Associates, I manage a variety of construction and marketing projects from the initial design phases to construction or publication. My responsibilities have included international competition entries, high-rise projects including three developments in the TransBay district in San Francisco, and strategic urban planning for the upcoming expansion of MIT’s campus in East Cambridge.

Some Responsibilities Include :

Initial + Schematic Designs / Physical Model-Making / Graphics + Marketing Materials / Digital Modeling / Construction Drawings / Presentation Preparations / Project Management / Pre- and Post-Production Renderings

Website :

Mar 2014 - current


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, US, MArch, Master of Architecture

Sep 2011 - May 2014

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Atlanta, GA, US, BArch, Architecture

Sep 2007 - May 2011


MIT Dept. of Architecture + Planning Merit Scholarship, Scholarship

Upon admission to the Master of Architecture program at MIT, I received a Merit scholarship covering tuition. I maintained the scholarship and funding until the completion of my program in the Winter of 2013.


Selected Work : Fairy Tales 2016 Architecture Storytelling Competition, Honorable Mention

With almost 1,500 entries, this entry "Valley of Giants" was one of 25 to be selected for publication in the upcoming book, Fairy Tales: Volume 3.

Teaming up with Galo Canizares Proano (of Office CA), we told the story of ancient monoliths, barren deserts, and unknown mechanisms.

Telling the story through only 5 images and a short narrative, this feature can be seen soon in print and purchased here :


Honorable Mention : Evolo Skyscraper Competition 2016, Honorable Mention

One of 24 projects selected out of a pool of nearly 800, our entry 'The Valley of Giants", was chosen to be published in the 2016 EVOLO Skyscraper Competition.

My partner Galo Canizares Proano (of Office CA) and I conceived of a series of monumental towers configured within the deserts of southern Algeria, which were designed to rehabilitate land and establish permanent oases to combat desertification.

Traditionally, the area has fostered nomadic tribes and multiple trade routes extending through West Africa, but with shifting climate, international disputes, and a rise of hostile domestic terrorism; the area has deteriorated due to harsher summers, less rainfall, and more traffic from the streams of refugees.

The towers contain levels of greenhouses which generate fresh air, seeds, and other produce; while also tapping into the deep underground aquifers beneath the Sahara. Emitting seeds and mist clouds, these towers become a passive rehabilitative system. Providing fresh resources, injecting nature, establishing new micro climates along the historic trade routes of the land.

Along with being published in the upcoming issue of EVOLO Skyscrapers 3, this entry can be seen on the EVOLO websites, along with features on ArchDaily, Designboom, Bustler, and ArchRecord.


ARCHOUTLOUD : Vertical Cemetery Top 50 Entries, Honorable Mention

With over 700 submissions, this entry "Eidolon" was given a Top 50 placement by the jury of ARCH OUT LOUD'S : Vertical Cemetery competition.

My partner, Galo Canizares Proano of Office ca, and I constructed a labyrinthine tower in the heart of Shinjuku Japan. The structure itself was a maze of columbarium walls, rock-like data interfaces for communication with the remembered, and the potential to keep growing upwards as the city aged.


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