Eric Futerfas

Eric Futerfas

Raleigh, NC, US



I'm an enthusiastic architecture student currently that got my undergraduate degrees from North Carolina State University's Environmental Design in Architecture and 5th year Architecture programs. This upcoming semester,  I will be studying abroad at the University of Stuttgart for my first semester of grad school where I'll learn about computational architecture, and then return to NC State to conduct my thesis project on designing architecture that helps regenerate plant life in an urban context that has eviscerate it. My design method is very research-oriented. I try to inform myself as much as possible about a project and it's client to determine how a project should best spawn from all of its contextual forces. My work can be a bit experimental because I like to challenge myself and push what architecture is and what it can accomplish. This keeps things interesting for myself, but more importantly, the occupants and users that a project is intended for.  I'm eager to design meaningful, captivating, rational, and sustainable architecture, and hope to find a firm that shares my ambitions after grad school.


Ross/Deckard Architects, Raleigh, NC, US, Intern Architect

- drafting of construction documents: floor plans, elevations, sections
- schematic conceptualizing
- realistic scene rendering
- material selection
- organizing digital and physical documents
- calculating square footage
- door and window schedules
- color selection

Special project assignment of design of a lake house.

May 2013 - Aug 2014


North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, US, BArch, Architecture

I've worked on a number of different project types and contexts:

- place for ritual (simple topography, arbitrary location)
- visitor center (complicated topography derived from extruding a cubist painting)
- glass artist studio (low-profile abandoned urban site)
- dairy barn (rural setting with simple site conditions but complicated programmatic requirements)
- bicycle museum (high profile urban site in downtown Raleigh, NC)
- higher education building (busiest intersection of student traffic on our campus)
- lake house (internship project; located on a peninsula overlooking a lake for a family)
- green infrastructure (a series of interactive ecological installations along a stream in Prague; done while studying abroad)
- co-housing complex (current project; cooperative social housing project in downtown Durham, NC)
- nature interpretation center (current competition project; using Sequoia National Forest trees as structure to support spanning tensile structures in the air; used for education, exploration, and camping)

Aug 2011 - current


Triangle AIA Scholoarship, Honorable Mention

Presented for outstanding achievement in the School of Architecture, College of Design, North Carolina State University.


Masonry Competition, 1st Place

Group project that consisted of 4 others done in my construction systems class that entailed designing, ordering, and building a small masonry structure without mortar.


Areas of Specialization