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Snell Engineering Consultants

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Engineering Firm Appoints Leader

By cgross2
Jan 25, '17 11:27 PM EST

Curtis Ross was named managing principal of Sarasota-based Snell Engineering Consultants, a structural engineering firm which has work spread from downtown Sarasota to Naples. 

Ross, according to his LinkedIn page, previously worked at Wilson Structural Consultants in Sarasota and Venice-based PGT Industries. He’s also a member of the City of Sarasota’s board of rules and appeals, a 13-member panel that looks at alternatives to building codes, certifies contractors and can impose fines, among other responsibilities.

Snell Engineering also named Cordell Van Nostrand Director of Engineering. Van Nostrand, according to a release, will work on projects including the 2nd Street Apartments in downtown Sarasota and Aqua Tower on Pelican Isle in Naples.

“Brian Snell created a legacy for this company that I aim to uphold by continuing to support current clients at the highest levels,” Ross says in the release. “Having Cord with us now means we can also start to pursue growth in new areas with the unique breadth of experience that he adds to Snell’s portfolio of services.”

Snell Engineering has worked in the commercial, residential, municipal, religious, educational and health care sectors.