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World’s First Net-Zero Energy Skyscraper to be Built In Jakarta

Bhushan Avsatthi
Sep 26, '14 4:40 AM EST

Posted By: Nikunj Patel

Net zero energy building is the present and future of green building design. A lot of buildings, across the world are designed, so that they generate as much energy as they use – i.e. they are designed, based on the concept of NZEB. Ensuring prudent use of energy and maximum utilization of renewable and abundantly available energy sources is the key. However, now the world is ready to get its first net zero energy skyscraper.

The skyscraper, a net zero energy building (first of its kind) is being built in Jakarta, the capital and the largest city in Indonesia. The sky scraper, named as the PERTAMINA Energy Tower is Predicted to be ready for inauguration in 2019. The 99 storied building will also include a mosque, a sports center and a 2000 seat auditorium for performing arts.

99 storied skyscraper - powered by wind, solar and geothermal energy

Now the question is, how is this 99 storied skyscraper powered?

The building is shaped like a funnel, and the tower is designed to be wider at the top. The cavity at the top of the tower, which is created by the funnel-like structure, sucks in air that in turn runs the vertical wind turbines. 25% energy for the building is generated using the wind energy and converting it into electricity.

Another resource of energy is sunlight i.e. the solar power, however the building is mainly powered by the geothermal energy – that is abundantly found in Indonesia. A curved facade is designed and calibrated to mitigate the solar heat gain all through the year.

Semi mobile curtains are installed on both the sides of the building to restrict the glare and heat while permitting light inside; radiant coolers are used to replace air conditioners. Energy ribbon, a covered walkway that guides you through the building also generates energy from the solar panels installed on the top of the building.

Green Building Initiative

Energy has become a very relevant and a defining problem for our generation. Buildings consume 32% of the total energy consumption across the world, while in US, research suggests that buildings consume nearly 36% of the total energy consumption in the country. To reduce this number and to make the world a greener, cleaner and a better place to live in, there is a need to design more such energy efficient buildings.

However, it is not impossible, technology has advanced, and energy modeling capabilities allow engineers to analyze and validate the energy consumption within a building even before its first brick is laid.

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