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Yountville Community Center

This structural project ranged from renovations and additions to the existing community hall and affiliated buildings, to the design and construction of a new community center. Endrestudio’s structural design focuses on attaining an air of weightlessness, most notably in the form and visual impression of the four roof trusses of the main multi-purpose space. To achieve the desired effect of a light, floating roof, we honed the points of the trusses that appeared to hold a great deal of weight. By sculpting out the material we were able to reveal the structure’s true force lines. Adding lighting at the base of each wood glulam beam further accentuates its independence from the wall. The lasting impression is one of a gravitational paradox as the wood and steel truss appear to hover above the building. 

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Status: Built
Location: Yountville, CA, US
Firm Role: Structural Engineer
Additional Credits: Architect: Seigel and Strain Architects
Landscape Architect: John Northmore Roberts and Associates
Contractor: Swank Construction, Inc.
Steel Fabricator: Ogletree’s, Inc.