Emma Wampold

Emma Wampold

Los Angeles, CA, US

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I graduated in May with honors, completing a Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in Occupational Sciences from the University of Southern California. I aim to combine my two disciplines of study, exploring the intersection between occupation and environmentally sustainable behavior. I believe a designer’s job is to create spaces that evoke positive emotions and energetic, inspiring atmospheres while translating each client’s goals. My interests are in architecture, interiors, graphic design, branding, and urban planning. 


USC Architecture 211 Teaching Assistant, Los Angeles, CA, US, Materials and Methods of Building Construction Teaching Assistant

I worked with students in Materials and Methods of Building Construction by answering questions, red lining drawings, offering examples, grading tests, and working through issues with students during office hours. I assisted the professors with all their work. This course is offered exclusively during the spring semester of USC, all architecture students graduating with the 5 year degree must complete it. I worked every January through May as a teaching assistant when the course was offered.

Jan 2016 - current

Jamison Services, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, US, Architecture Intern

I was exposed to business operations, acquisition, predesign, schematic design, zoning and code regulations, project feasibility, construction management, and design documentation. I was the designer of multiple low rise and high rise buildings, predominantly residential and mixed use towers in LA where I worked on the floor plans and facade design producing renderings and drawings for client meetings and internal check points.

May 2017 - Dec 2017

Modative, Los Angeles, CA, US, Design, Develop, Build Intern

I was exposed to business operations, acquisition, small lot
subdivision zoning and code regulations, project
feasibility, construction management, schematic design, as well as design documentation. I worked on the design of a 20 unit development in NoHo’s Art District of LA, where we combined 3 existing lots into one and created condominiums. I designed 3 tables, and designed and manufactured custom tableware for the office's brand.

May 2016 - Aug 2016

USC Exploration of Architecture, Los Angeles, CA, US, Summer Programs Class Assistant

I taught the fundamentals of design, composition, vocabulary, ordering principles, drawing and modeling both analog & digital. I assisted students and professors
with all assignments. This summer program is designed to help high school students determine if architecture is a major they would enjoy pursuing and to help current students determine if teaching or becoming a professor in the future is something they would enjoy doing. All students instructors are left with the high school students alone for half the day, it was helpful in practicing how to articulate architectural concepts in simplified terms that all students at any experience level can understand and relate to.

Jun 2016 - Jul 2016

URBN Inc., Philadelphia, PA, US, Construction, Planning, and Design Intern

I was exposed to business operations, material selection,
construction costs, planning and zoning regulations,
and project feasibility. I spearheaded the
“Anthropology Floor Plan Analysis” intern project where I was given 50 existing anthropology stores to reconfigure their exiting floor plans to increase profitability and update them to todays design standards. Although I predominantly was working with Anthropology I also worked with the Urban Outfitters Floor Plan Analysis team and Free People Acquisitions team where I went to NYC and looked at potential new stores.

May 2015 - Aug 2015


University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, US, BArch, Architecture

My education from USC has provided me with strong graphic capabilities, design skills, space planning,modeling craft, rendering tools, and encouraged my creative prowess. I am proficient with Adobe Creative Suite, CAD, Rhino, Microsoft and more. I am additionally sufficient with Revit and SketchUp. My time at USC has provided me with experience in predesign, schematic design and producing
construction documents as well as presentation drawings. I have worked on a large range and diversity of projects, from 60-story towers to product design. I understand the importance of being resourceful and organized. I am additionally well versed in Los Angeles planning and zoning regulations. Outside of my architecture courses in my minor of Occupational Science we explore issues that persist in our world at large scales such as human trafficking, modern slavery, systematic racism, and women's rights. We also discuss interpersonal issues and creating what Occupational Therapists call "a meaningful life filled with meaningful occupations." We study how people change their identity with age and interruptions in their life, and how life style redesign is an option to maintain a happy and fulfilled life. Although ones sense of self evolves, it can be a positive change and not a loss of identity. I find there to be an overlap in my work where the research of Occupational Scientists can elevate my work as an Architect.

Aug 2013 - May 2018


Tau Sigma Delta, Honorable Mention

The Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society in Architecture and Allied Arts is the only national honor society for architecture and design majors that is accredited by the Association of College Honor Societies. The Society recognizes intellectual achievement, effort and initiative as well as leadership and character. This prize of membership acknowledges undergraduate and graduate students who attain high scholastic standing in their field. The organization also honors practitioners in the field for excellence in design with the national organization’s Gold Medal Award, which is presented each spring at the ACSA Annual Meeting. Tau Sigma Delta was organized in 1913 at the University of Michigan at the suggestion and guidance of the faculty in Architecture and Landscape Design who selected the first group of senior honor students to be the founding members. After three years of trial, the system of elections was extended to other universities. With gradual growth, it became necessary for the best interests of the schools at which chapters became located, to extend elections to honor students who were majoring in a degree in departments allied with Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Thus Tau Sigma Delta developed from a senior honor society in Architecture and Landscape Architecture to become inclusive of upper level undergraduate and graduate students in Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Architectural Design, Landscape Architecture, Visual Arts, Planning, Decorative Design, Interior Design, Industrial Design and all the arts allied with Architecture.


Discovery Scholar, Award

The Discovery Scholar distinction honors students who excel in the classroom while demonstrating the ability to create exceptional new scholarship or artistic works. Like sailors on an unexplored sea, Discovery Scholars blaze new paths, rather than simply following the course charted by others.


Renaissance Scholars, Award

"Our ideal is to help students develop the kind of intellectual flexibility needed for life in the 21st century that the best thinkers of the European Renaissance displayed"
With the words above as a backdrop, President Steven B. Sample launched the USC Renaissance Scholars distinction in the year 2000.

The Renaissance Scholar distinction honors students whose broad interests help them excel academically. Like Leonardo da Vinci, who was equally adept in the arts and the sciences, Renaissance Scholars are students whose majors and minors are from widely separated fields of study.

To recognize students who excel in two or more unrelated disciplines, the University has established the Steven and Kathryn Sample USC Renaissance Scholars distinction. The honor was endowed in the name of former University President Steven Sample, who founded the distinction in 2000, and his wife Kathryn, upon the President’s retirement in 2010.

The objective is not just to be well rounded but rather to achieve breadth with depth, and the extraordinary release of intellectual energy that often occurs when two widely separate fields of thought are brought together in the same mind. Students educated in this way will be especially well prepared to confront the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. All USC undergraduates are encouraged to pursue this honor.


Ted and Rosemary Tyler Endowed Scholarship for Excellence in the field of Architecture, Scholarship

The endowed scholarship was established in 2008 as a gift from the estate of Ted and Rosemary Tyler, whose involvement and support of the School of Architecture during their lifetime enriched opportunities for students in its programs. The endowment provides student aid as directed by the Dean. All students—undergraduate and graduate students—in all programs at the school qualify for aid through the endowment.


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