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emersion DESIGN

Cincinnati, OH


AeroHub Innovation District

AeroHub is a district for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation. It is a center for advanced manufacturing enterprise, from the creation of new ideas to thriving and established businesses. It is a nexus of economic, physical and networking assets that foster new ideas and their transformation into advanced manufacturing enterprises that create jobs and give value to society.

AeroHub is zoned with four use mixes. Each mix allows multiple primary uses, which overlap across mix types for flexibility. Uses progress from occupancies with a potential for light industrial character (Advanced Manufacturing and R&D), to occupancies compatible adjacent to residential (education & mixed use that could include retail and office like uses). Parks and green belts contribute further buffering to adjacent properties, as well as offer additional amenities to AeroHub and its neighbors.

Areas zoned for Mix A, Advanced Manufacturing and Research & Development, are some of the largest potential parcels, suited for uses with larger footprint and service requirements. While these could be considered light industrial and could involve semi-trailer traffic, Mix A uses tend to be higher value, lower volume enterprises. North of Glendale-Milford Road, Mix A is zoned adjacent to Woodlawn industrial properties, and is supported by an industrial drive along the western edge to reduce service traffic inside AeroHub. South of Glendale-Milford Road, the southernmost area in size and proportion could be highly attractive to either primary use. A significant green buffer will be required adjacent to residential areas. Mix B consists of Advanced Manufacturing, Research & Development, Office & Conference, Hotel, Retail & Entertainment. This diverse use mix is allocated to the core area and is suggested for uses that can be more compact, and can be stacked vertically. The Mix B parcel in Phase 1 is allocated to a technology accelerator, its central and prominent location is a statement of the importance of expertise and collaboration. The east edge of Mix B enjoys prominent exposure to I-75 with its average annual daily traffic of over 130,000 cars. Mix C encompasses Research & Development, Office & Conference, Hotel, Retail & Entertainment, and Education. This mix is similar to Mix B, but shifts away from light industrial, dropping Advanced Manufacturing and adds Education. In the core and to the north, more compact, higher density office use allows and R&D can be deployed with less density. The allocation of the old St. Rita building to Mix C allows for the structure to remain a school, or, if St. Rita moves to a new building, permits a variety of appropriate uses, including office, or premium hospitality. Uses that are more appropriate to be adjacent to residential areas make up Mix D, which are Mixed Use and Education. Mixed Use is envisioned as primarily educational and office type uses with some first floor retail but not entertainment occupancies that could be disruptive.

In its full buildout at 190 acres, AeroHub will extend from Sharon Road south across Glendale-Milford Road to the north edge of Lincoln Heights. It is bordered on the east by I-75 and to the west by Glendale residential properties as well as by Woodlawn industrial and a bit of residential property.

AeroHub will be a destination where:

• distinctive placemaking attracts thinkers, makers, and doers to thrive through collaboration
• cars can move easily, but where walking and biking are an easy first choice for many
• only the combination of high technology and vibrant nature define a manufacturing that is truly advanced.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Evendale, OH, US
Firm Role: Project Management, Architecture, Sustainable Design
Additional Credits: PEDCO E & A Services, Inc.