Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

Barcelona, ES


Sofa ‘BOTAN’ by Benedetta Tagliabue for Passoni Nature

Sometimes one asks if it is possible to continue to design original new sofas and
chairs, but if one looks at Botan the answer is definitely yes!

Lovely and unique. Botan (Japanese for peony) is a surprising new sofa designed
by Benedetta Tagliabue in partnership with Passoni Nature.

A comfortable wood and fabric seat whose components join like the petals of
a flower, producing endlessly harmonious, balanced combinations, inspired by
nature. Two poufs designed to be placed in many different ways complete the

All these modular elements, which can be applied in a multitude of
combinations, offer enormous freedom for composition and can produce
surprising effects that create flowers and butterflies. Botan adapts to any kind of

The solid wood frame, the use of zero-emission adhesives, the natural linen and
cotton fabric and the print created with certified EcoLabel colours, designed by
Benedetta Tagliabue, make this sofa a balanced and responsible product, just like
Passoni Nature.

Its solid wood frame, the use of zero-emission adhesives, natural fibre fabrics,
stuffing made of water and raw materials from renewable sources like soya, a mix
of essential oils and medicinal herbs offer complete wellbeing.

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Status: Built
Location: Milano, IT
Firm Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Architect :
Benedetta Tagliabue - Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

Project Directors:
Salvador Gilabert
Valentina Noris

Jiyoun Park
Peter Fortune
Michele Sabini
Davide Morra
Luca Malanca
Claudia Di Emidio
Nikos Xeno
Maria Dolores Parrilla
Cecilia Sannella
Estela López Rodríguez