Daniele Falco

Daniele Falco

Palermo, IT


Reimagining the waterfront

Reimagining the waterfront: a plan designed by juxtaposition with three stripes, different in nature and purpose, aggregated at the strip of land that currently runs along the East River. The first strip is a “belt” green, next to the FDR, which widens between 92 ° and 100 ° street, becoming a park, the second strip is a pedestrian and bicycle path, 15 meters wide, along the way have been provided 2 large squares, think about how the terraces of the river. 

Between the 92 th street and 114th street the shore line was straightened and made in parallel with the grid of Manhattan. The geometry of the informal and organic green belt contrasts with the regular geometry and abstract of the two squares, designed by a square grid modular.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Project and drawing