Ekta Wali

Ekta Wali

Chicago, IL, US


Entertainment Center

An entertainment center to act as the center of a mixed use urban development plan to extend the existing activity of Chicago Loop and River further to the West.  This entertainment center was proposed on an air-rights site lying atop the existing Metra Train Station which bridges over 2 existing E-W streets with heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and adjacent to a metro station.  

Program:  Arts Magnet High School, 1000-person Soundstage, Theaters, Cinemas and Bowling Alley.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: development of overall design strategies and zoning across site; development of structural system for suspending program above train station
Additional Credits: Zack Osborne, Erin Huang, Egor Machacha