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Eight Inc. Proposes a New Design for Notre Dame Reconstruction

By eightinc
Jun 10, '19 4:52 PM EST

Original Apple store architects, Eight Inc. has proposed an ephemeral design for the Notre Dame Cathedral reconstruction.  Eight Inc. envisions a formally accurate reconstruction of the roof and spire portion of the cathedral to respect the design, scale and texture of the original design.  This proposal however invokes the memory and temporal nature of building by creating an identical formal recreation entirely in architectural structural glass.  

"I believe this definitive example of French Gothic architecture requires a deep respect and appreciation of the history and intent of the original design. Its proportions, scale and detail brings life to the architecture.  It should not be about the ego of a new architectural expression but a solution to honor this historic structure" says Eight Inc. Founder and CEO Tim Kobe.  

Eight Inc. has conceived a structural replication of the great structure entirely in structural glasswork.  The spiritual and luminous qualities of the material allows for both the accurate representation of the form of the original design but also implies the impermanence of architecture and the impermanence of life.