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Liquid Forms

Liquid Forms is a concrete tile design, nominally sized at 100mm x 500mm x 50mm (surface articulation depth) intended to be used primarily for interior applications. The aesthetically diverse vocabulary of the tile design lend itself to multiple typologies from commercial, residential, hospitality to education. The first completed application is a feature wall in a private office in Budapest. A variety of visual mock-ups have been produced of Liquid Forms to show the rich permutations of the design.

The design of Liquid Forms is inspired by the nature of concrete as a material which comes to being as it changes from liquid to solid phase. The surface form of the tile is articulated by doubly curved surfaces stretching within carefully organized edges to express the quality of flow and movement captured in solid form.

Tiling by nature is about repetition.  And repetition can be a powerful design tool when there is complexity in patterning and variations within the field of repetition - very much like the minimalist music of Steve Reich or Philip Glass.  The individual ‘liquid forms’ tile is conceived to have a form that can translate the pattern to its neighboring tile differently in all four directions, and thus creating variations through repetition, resulting in a rich visual field of movement. 

Creating a single tile design that can generate multiple patterns is the ethos of the design. ‘Liquid forms’ tile is aesthetically versatile, generating different patterns with each one having unique visual qualities. 

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Status: Built
Firm Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Kaza Concrete