ECDM architects

ECDM architects

Paris, FR


Logements ZAC du Coteau - Arcueil

The idea was to extend the surface of the apartments by balconies representing a minima 50% of the living area with a drastic construction cost : 1350 € / sq.m.

The project implements objective values where all the constructive and architectural aspects are drafted for their practical value and their economic performance.

The façade serve as an expression of a living place whose alternate sinusoids movements are realized  in order to allow an optimal amount of sunlight despite cantilevers up to 3.20 meters of  depth.

Therefore, in front of each living room, the amplitude of the balcony is maximum and refines in front of the rooms or secondary rooms.

Dwellings are alternated floor by floor in order to never superimpose living rooms.

Then despite very generous dimensions of balconies, there is no mask effect between apartments.

The unique qualities of the location provide an opportunity to re-think the creation of a link between a landscape and settlements patterns.

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Status: Built
Location: Arcueil, FR
Firm Role: Architecte