EAA-Emre Arolat Architecture

EAA-Emre Arolat Architecture

New York, NY

Photo by Cemal Emden
Photo by Cemal Emden

Abdullah Gul Presidential Museum and Library

Sumerbank Textile Factory, built between 1933-1935 by a group of Russian architects led by Ivan Nikolaev in Kayseri, has been one of the most significant symbols of industrialization and modernization in Republican period of Turkey. After its been shut-down in 1999, the industrial complex, containing unique examples of Russian Constructivism, has been left abandoned inside the city. In 2012, some of the buildings in the complex have been refurbished to be used as different units of Abdullah Gül University Campus. Power and Steam stations as unique examples of this industrial heritage are regenerated as Abdullah Gül Presidential Museum and Library.

The interiors of the Power Station were organized according to its new use as a museum and designed to let the visitors experience the presidential exhibition as well as the temporary exhibitions. Simultaneously, the center aims to provide activity spaces for educational facilities accommodated by food & beverage support areas. Furthermore, the characteristic ash and coal chimneys used in the electric production are restored and made part of the exhibition experience.

The Steam Station has been designed as a modern information center with library and archive sections that can be correlated with the museum. Similar to the ash chambers in the museum, concrete silo stillages have been preserved as an important element of memory.

The conservation principles developed by EAA for the Sümerbank Textile Factory complex maintain their validity for the old power and steam stations as well. In these buildings, the attained patina and the traces of time have been tried to be preserved. The interventions of repair and renovation to preserve qualitative elements of the past, completions on the existing texture, updating the elements that have been rendered useless in time and the addition of new structural elements to the existing have been considered as significant design issues in this specific project. 

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Status: Built
Location: Kayseri, TR