Dyuthi Venugopal

Dyuthi Venugopal

New Jersey, US


Revitalization of M.G Road Boulevard(Urban development for Bangalore metro)

BMRCL(Bangalore metro rail coorporation) had undertaken to restore the MG Road Boulevard once the civil and construction of stations at the MG Road were completed. It was a conscious decision that instead of just recreating a walkway with Bougainvillea as it was before, the BMRCL management decided to contribute to the city much more than just a walkway.

A conscious decision was taken to construct an urban space for the city of Bangalore and thus established the Rangoli- Metro Art Center(R-MAC) at the MG road Boulevard with a primary object to provide arts, craft, cultural, and recreational facilities for the city of Bangalore. BMRCL is proud to offer Art in the City to add joy and colour to the city.
Our mission is thus to create R-MAC as an interactive space: making it friendly, educative, informative, and approachable to the visitors. BMRCL has also brought back lush garden with varieties of Bougainvillea and other flowering trees and plants and water bodies to thrill children in particular.

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Status: Built
Location: Bangalore, India
My Role: Senior Architect responsible for design,site coordination and approvals.
Additional Credits: GNA,BMRCL,KRIDL