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St. Ignatius Chapel

St. Ignatius Chapel - Dynerman Architects

Conceived as an elemental pavilion, the design of the chapel seeks to connect the celebrants to their dual roots in the barns that served as ancient churches and to the later and self conscious churches of the 15th century – the time of the founding of the Jesuits – whose manipulation of light served its mystical rites and themes. In support of this hoped for rustic nobility, the palette is spare yet rich. The stucco walls are perforated with 8” x 8” x 1 1⁄2” slabs of glass. The floor of the chapel and courtyard is stained concrete. The roof is a pre-formed galvanized aluminum often used on the sheds and barns of the region. 

Awards & Publications

2009 Washington Chapter AIA;
Honor Award for Unbuilt Projects

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Status: Built
Location: Bluemont, VA, US
Firm Role: Architect