Duane McLemore

Duane McLemore

Los Angeles, CA, US


PCC Arch 14 - Summer 2016

Duane taught the class Architecture 14, Materials and Processes of Construction at Pasadena City College as a six week intensive over the summer of 2016. All group projects shown were completed in three weeks.

David Sierra's group used use Sierpinski Triangles to define a Hyperbolic Paraboloid Conversation Canopy for the 3rd floor of the CA Building. The triangle openings in the white pieces were defined using Parametric Scripting.

Humberto Cruz's group used Form Finding to let a unitized shell find its own volumetric shape. They rigorously explored snub-square tesselations and used physical computing to let the canopy define its own shape.

Airene Dizon's group exploring the use of Reciprocal Structures for spanning using nothing but 1x's and bailing wire. Given more time, they had plans for a full dome structure, without fasteners.

Leo Acevedo's group studied if the concept of tensegrity could be unitized into blocks and recombined. They used only PVC pipe and paracord.

All designs were by the students, all work was done by the students. Duane's instruction was in defining the project, discovering the necessary parameters, building a suitable workflow, and in scripting or calculating the necessary outputs.

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Status: Built
Additional Credits: Pasadena City College Arch. 14 Summer 2016 class.
Team leaders as listed above.
Full credits available upon request.