Daniel Elmore

Daniel Elmore

New York, NY, US


Warping the Centerline - Beyond the Centerline Competition Entry

"Fisher Brothers urges competition participants to think “beyond the centerline,” using the medians as a blank canvas for creative ideas to engage the community and reimagine Park Avenue."

 In an effort to reinvigorate an underutilized, underwhelming, district in New York city, Warping the Centerline takes the traditional Park Avenue median and lifts/ bends/warps it to create new public spaces along Park Avenue including event platforms, performance seating and elevated walkways that double as market places. Its form engages the surrounding community by provided space for those programs that are most lacking in this region of the city, and enhances existing popular pedestrian corridors while creating opportunities for future ones. In addition, the project seeks to capitalize on
existing underutilized office building plazas, transforming them from places where office workers eat lunch, to places where the project can intervene; thereby becoming entry ways and extensions of the project.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Designer