Daryll Agbayani

Daryll Agbayani

Los Angeles, CA, US

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My particular interest in architecture is in contextual and experiential design. I enjoy experimenting with how site exploration could influence design. Exploring a site and all its qualities can open up really interesting conceptual opportunities; I often try to communicate this in my projects, and it’s why most of them confide conceptually to the site analysis. I also have a fascination for how humans observe space, and more specifically, how those experiences can potentially influence the sensory experience of the individual. Emotion is a powerful tool, and architecture that’s able to respond to those feelings can be quite powerful. It’s why I enjoy experiential drawings so much since they are a valuable representation of how a space could potentially feel and how a person could react to it emotionally. 

Aside from my curiosities in Architecture, I also find great interest in learning new things. Because of this I have fairly modest knowledge in many different subjects (e.g. aviation, roller coasters, phone and computer technology, trains, nature, etc.) I’m a jack of all trades but only a master of some; in some cases, I bring that knowledge into architecture to cultivate my own architectural creativity. I feel that reeling inspiration from outside of our profession can lead to new ways of looking at architecture!


University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, US, BArch, Bachelor of Architecture

Aug 2012 - May 2018


Russel Cole Lighting Design Competition Undergraduate Winner, Award

The Russell Cole Lighting Design Competition was established to encourage and recognize students in southern California who have shown an understanding of light and its effect on Architecture. These awards have been established by the Illuminating Engineering Society, Los Angeles Section (IESLA).


Spring 16’ Distinguished Project | Student Expo, Other


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