Dale Suttle

Dale Suttle

Brooklyn, NY, US


Museo Amparo

The design of the Museo Amparo promotes a new programmatic organization and public integration in the museum.  Existing spaces have been reorganized around four active patios improving circulation and lighting in the spaces. The storage of artifacts has been brought out of the basement into a central tower where the objects are accessible to researchers from the core and visible to patrons on the exterior.  By night the glowing tower of artifacts reminds the city of its heritage, and by day it provides a view out to the surrounding city.  The tower is the centerpiece of a new green urban park of polygonal panels on the roof. The parametrically-designed green roof uses the existing meter-thick walls for support while allowing light wells to strategically pierce into the galleries below. 
Further, the roof exhibits contemporary sculpture that draws the public up the entrance stairs from the streets and down into the patios and galleries below.

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Status: School Project
Location: Puebla, MX
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: With So Sugita and Ginna Nguyen