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Continuum: Changing the Way We Collaborate

By nataliesdps
Mar 14, '18 5:24 PM EST
D/P/S's Friday Focus
D/P/S's Friday Focus

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As lifelong learners, we are driven by a desire to share information—freely and continuously. Continuum brings D/P/S employees together to talk about design, ask questions, and share the things that inspire them.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement. A familiar topic to any organization. How do you keep people excited about their work, make them feel part of the team, find fulfillment, and have a sense of ownership in the company's mission?

D/P/S, like many organizations, has grappled with these questions as the company has grown from a small family architecture firm, to a thriving small business of close-knit collaborators and designers, to one of the largest, most recognizable multidisciplinary design firms in the Southwest.

Continuous Learning

Continuum—a group formed by D/P/S employees aspiring to know more and do more with our collective knowledge—began as an internal Lunch & Learn series to help people strengthen their skills. But because it put presenters and attendees in traditional speaking and listening roles, it lacked the collaboration and discussion Continuum was craving. Like day-old sandwich bread, the format became stale. Continuum restructured.

Rethinking the one-hour podium presentation approach, Continuum developed Friday Focus—a half-hour, informal, bi-weekly group discussion with morning coffee and treats. The 30-minute time slot still features a facilitator, but is made up of 50% prepared content and 50% interactive discussion.

“The goal is to support casual, consistent, and inspiring dialogue to contribute to D/P/S's culture,” said Kate Dimock from Continuum. "We want everyone to feel engaged, and so far Friday Focus is proving to be a great way to get people talking and caring about the things that affect our design, our business, and our

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