Dorcas Corchado

Dorcas Corchado

San Juan, PR, US


EL ANTIGUO CEMENTERIO DE PONCE, Historical Preservation Studio Work

The interpretation, documentation and lab analysis of the 19th century El Antiguo Cementerio Católico [1842-1918] built by Governor of Spain in Ponce, Puerto Rico. This work was performed under the direction of Arch. Beatriz del Cueto, FAIA, Conservation Architect. The project was divided in two phases that addressed the following conservation process: First Phase: Historic Research, Historic Archives Photograph and information analysis, Bibliography; Site Documentation and recording of selected historic structures. Second Phase: Building Fabric Analysis and Performance- In-Depth survey of each tomb including its conditions [Pathology].; Sampling and scientific Analysis in Architectural Conservation Laboratory [analysis of materials for selected tombs and diagnostics of conditions and performance]. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Ponce, PR, US