DOMAT community & architecture

DOMAT community & architecture

Hong Kong, HK


Hygiene Station for Cattlefield Village School


Access to decent hygiene is a critical issue in rural contexts. Charities and NGOs provide vital software programmes to teach children the importance of better hygiene; with better facilities to supplement the teaching, the children can practise a daily habit which will last throughout their lives. 

The KPMG Fangniuchang Hope Primary School is in a mountainous region of western Yunnan province. The school opened in 2010, built with donations from KPMG China’s former chairman, providing education for students from seven local villages. The existing student toilet block had been built with basic provisions, and a shower block was added later but was in poor condition and underused. 


We have redesigned the facility so that the shower rooms and toilet are united into one architecture. The building is designed with stack effect chimneys to help ventilate the toilets. South facing windows absorb sunlight during the day, warming the bathroom for evening use. Grey bricks were sourced from a local village, while pebbledash provides protection to the concrete structure. Mosaic tiles are used throughout to help keep the facility clean. Chosen materials are readily available in the region and allow the villagers to use simple skills to maintain the building.

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Status: Built
Location: Cattlefield Village, Banka Town, Yongde, Lincang, Yunnan, China
Additional Credits: Donor: KPMG Foundation
Supporting Donor: Yongde County Education Bureau