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MUL is a 5,600SF ground-up residence constructed on a downhill sloped site in the Hollywood Hills. The building is located on Mulholland Drive and opens up to the scenic views of the San Fernando Valley. The project’s geometry morphs into complex site geometry, where the driveway becomes one with the building geometry, while simultaneously maintaining height requirements of the inner Mulholland corridor by utilizing split level techniques.

The upper split levels accommodate the public social programming, including the kitchen, lounge, dining area and living room. Private rooms in the second lower split level feature a master bedroom and master bath under the infinity pool that cantilevers out into the hills and overlooks the valley. Furniture becomes part of the geometry, where stair cases turn into seating. The roof becomes an exterior lounge and roof deck with a barbecue, further optimizing the project in regard to views.

Materially, the project is divided into two contrasting conditions. While most of the public spaces are held in a generic white, the more private rooms feature warm wood and wood flooring.

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Status: Built
Location: Hollywood, CA, US
Firm Role: design build
Additional Credits: Design: Arshia Mahmoodi, Axel Schmitzberger
Interior: dom├Žn ltd.
Team: Chris Lowe, Arshia Mahmoodi, Axel Schmitzberger, Brittany dePaul, Miguel Gonzales, Stephen Scheuerer