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DKOR Interiors Inc.

North Miami Beach


Sophisticated Getaway

Sophisticated Getaway

In trying to resonate with the luxurious look and feel of the building’s spectacular South Florida location and European inspired designed building, our objective was to create a unique and sophisticated interior that reflected the owner’s lifestyle when vacationing in Miami. In doing so, the two main requirements for this project were to achieve a sense of serenity and functionality; exactly what interior design in Sunny Isles is all about.

The unit was a 3,500 square foot blank canvas that proved an ideal backdrop for a haven of unique materials, textures and pieces. To help configure the space, we treated the apartment as one unified space, but at the same time, we delineated the main areas (entry foyer, public and private areas) through the use of color, pattern, texture, furnishings and art. One of the most interesting things about this project was the interior design process itself. The home owner showed an immense amount of interest in the design process, thus becoming an essential part of the design team and process.

We saw a great development in terms of design from what the client envisioned at beginning stages to the end product. This partnership enhanced the simplicity of a traditional coastal modern style to a unique interior targeted to the eclectic personalities of this young New York Family.

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Status: Built
Location: Sunny Isles, FL, US
Firm Role: Interior Design