David Kolodziej

David Kolodziej

Ewing, NJ, US




KSS Architects, LLP, Princeton, NJ, US, Architectural Intern

I assisted on various industrial projects, specifically working on spatial diagrams for open offices plans, configuration + design of precast panel elevations, and various competition-style graphics.

Software Used: Revit 2014, AutoCAD 2014, 3DSMax 2013, SketchUp 8, Creative Suites 6

May 2014 - Aug 2014

NK Architects, Morristown, NJ, US, Architectural Intern

Along with a group of interns, we conducted research on educational trends correlating to the economy, the style of the work force, technological advances, etc. throughout time. With the research organized in a timeline, we were able to cut cross-sections through time to fully understand the correlations between each sect of research and create infographics from our findings.

Software Used: Illustrator 6, InDesign 6, Rhino v.4

Jun 2013 - Aug 2013

Studio Hillier, Princeton, NJ, US, Intern

Starting in High School, I assisted Studio Hillier (formerly J. Robert Hillier Land Use + Strategy) with tasks ranging from organization of construction documents to creating scale models using basswood and presentation board. My internship was mostly when I was back for semester breaks and throughout the Summer of 2012.

Tasks completed: As-built drawings, model site topography, scale models, presentation graphics
Software Used: AutoCAD 2011, Illustrator 5, Photoshop 5

Feb 2010 - Aug 2012


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, VA, US, BArch, Architecture

Since my inception into the School of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech, I have learned how to solve a number of complex problems, not always specific to design. I have designed for prompts ranging from an addition to a Montessori school, a new construction in Brooklyn, NY, alleyway installations to creating something as simple as a light screen. Professional Practice was solely focused on project budget, construction timelines, RFPs and contractual agreements, covering the client-based side of architecture.

The hands-on, tangible aspect of learning that Virginia Tech promotes (hand drawings, model making, rapid prototyping, etc.) is timeless to the skill and craft of architects, as the act of making is the basis of our profession. While the school itself has not specifically trained us in the software programs most firms now use, they have provided ample time for us to learn on our own, helping our peers along the way. The balance we have learned between individual and collaborative work has been more than helpful for the several internships I have been a part of.

Aug 2010 - Jan 2015


Virginia Tech Center for Design Research Exhibition, Other

My fourth year studio was teamed with Virginia Tech's Center for Design Research while a specifically focusing on digital design and fabrication. Several projects the entire studio collective worked on, in addition to my individual light screen project.

The exhibit has been to the VA AIA Arch Ex. East in Richmond, VA and currently resides in Clark Nexsen's headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA.


International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) Exhibition, Other

As a continuation an expansion of the VT CDR Exhibit, we travelled up to New York City for the 27th Annual ICFF. Although a similar showcase was on display at the Javits Center, it was in front of the eyes of a more diverse public than before, and received great recognition and praise.


Inform Award - Object Design, Award

My third year studio conceptualized and built a spray booth for the School of Architecture + Design. Due to the constant vandalism of spray painting and plaster pouring on the studio building and sidewalks, my classmates and I took the initiative to create a well-designed space for these activities to occur.

Jury Comments: "This design exercise shows once again that innovative thinking, this time inside-the-box, can transform the most utilitarian object into an intriguing design item."


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