Diya Hu

Diya Hu

Tucson, AZ, US


DDBC Residence 7

    The Sentinel House project is in collaboration with the Drachman Design Build coalition, a nonprofit organization that involves students in design-build projects that benefit underserved populations in Tucson. The 1200 square foot home is locaated in the ‘A’ Mountain Neighborhood in west Tucson. 

    It features two adjust volumes woth offset roofs: the west volumn house and open living and kitchen area, while the east portion of the home features three bed rooms, two vathrooms, and a utility room. The sentinel House features three18’thick thermal mass scoria wall. All other walls are wood framed. A polycarbonate-clad northern wall allows filtered natural light into the living space. Wood I-joists support a corrugated galvanized steel roof.  Framed walls will be clad with tust-finished fiber cement panels. 
    Construction began in September of 2016 and ended in May of 2017. 

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Status: Built
Location: 1663 W King Ave.