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    By ncecchi
    Aug 23, '12 5:01 PM EST

    My name is Nick Cecchi, I am the Lead Designer at Demiurge LLC, a small Sculpture and Architecture fabrication firm. I received my M.Arch in 2010 from Tulane University of New Orleans after which I did a little interning and bounced around until I landed with this atelier. I have always excelled in fabrication and concentrated my academic efforts in Engineering, Fabrication, and Digital Technologies. 

    Demiurge specializes in high-end custom sculpture production from gallery-based work to large-scale exterior public art. It's Los Angeles and Denver-based shops are fully equipped with expert teams of craftsman ready to handle labor intensive projects of any scope, in any location. From conception to installation, Demiurge brings artists’ vision to life through a meticulous planning process, state-of-the-art design and cutting-edge installation techniques. The studio also provides restoration services and uses specialized material suppliers and local partners for projects across the globe.

    I will also discuss my own work, and the art and architecture of the Urban environment as well as other tasty fabrication images from across the design community.


    Through this blog, I hope to give insight into real-world fabrication challenges and best-practices to expand understanding of these issues in the Architecture and Design community.  I will illustrate ideas primarily through specific case studies, and will always strive to identify the project except where not permitted by (our) contract with the artist. I also hope to serve as a resource for the Archinect community, especially to those who want or need a deeper understanding of the production process through a designer's eyes.


    Topics to expect: 

    Tolerating Tolerances

    The role of the designer in Fabrication.

    The role of the fabricator in Design.

    Craft in Architecture

    Design Culture

    The role of Grasshopper and Parametric modelling in production, efficiency, and cost calculations. 

    ... and hopefully a few salacious art-world stories. (If I'm posting during Art Basel at 5 a.m., you can bet it is a good one)


    Thank You,

    Nick Cecchi

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A blog covering the various processes, methods, and pitfalls involved in designing, producing, and fabricating large scale sculptural and architectural features.

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