Delia Sancha Guijarrubia

Delia Sancha Guijarrubia

Madrid, ES


O rio Douro

O rio Douro/ Master´s project/

From its journey through the Portuguese Upper Douro to its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean, the Douro River is an inexorable witness to the history of the city of Porto. Therefore, the project is born from the understanding that the Douro river as an imperishable monument.

Studying it in detail, a project is proposed where the field of work is the influence of the Douro river. With that, the fog on the image and memory of Porto (Portugal) proposes new ways of experiencing the city.

Understanding the project as a living organism, it adapts to the site’s condition and takes advantage of it, shaping it into a new varying visual and sound landscape.


The project is an ambitious proposal that relies on extensive research with the goal of seizing and enhancing the intrinsic qualities of the fog, thus empowering the forces of nature.

An impassive project through the passage of time; it considers history, leads us towards understanding the present while also venturing into the future.

A future that teems with speculation concerning the limits of space, both its perception and its experience: claiming that technique is indeed the best tool to materialize the ideas.

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Status: School Project
Location: Oporto, PT
My Role: Architect