David Sepúlveda

David Sepúlveda

New York, NY, US


Detroit By Design 2012: The Water Mile Detroit

Detroit Metropolis has recently been the subject of intense study by environmentalist, city planners and architects. We agree with the opinions of these experts that the economic downturn that caused significant vacancy rates around the periphery of the greater downtown area, as well as the presence of extreme pollution due to its industrial past can also become the best assets for the future of this city. The waterfront of downtown Detroit must bring a deeper understanding of these issues and demonstrate is potential for the future generations.

Detroit is the gateway to the world's greatest source of fresh water, the Great Lakes. Containing 84% of the freshwater source in the USA , 21% of the world's population it is directly affected by the Detroit metropolitan area. Global freshwater resources threatened by rising demands due to rapid population growth, changing climate droughts, flooding by rain & rising sea levels play a very important role for the future for the metropolitan area.

A wetland area along the edge of the Hart Plaza is proposed with indigenous wetland planting that would break down the lead, mercury and other pollutants would also purify the storm and surface water before returning it to the Detroit River. A new canal and bio-wale system to collect the surface/ storm water along the axis of Woodward Avenue will feed into this new wetlands. A new arena for music and performances through the year with a green-roof system will prevent heat island-effect in the hearth of the city.

To ameliorate the effect of global warming reducing the CO2 levels is the most critical step.

An algae photo-bio reactor plant fed by the 25,623,000 tons of CO2 annually produced by the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel will purify the air and will produce approx. 170,000 gallons of bio-fuel as a bi-product.

This is the global significance of the Water Mile at the waterfront of Detroit.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Detroit, MI, US
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Beyhan Karahan Architects & Associates & Giovanni Santamaria