Christopher Daubert

Christopher Daubert

New York, NY, US


Blossom Pavilion

Designed and constructed in full scale the Blossom Pavilion utilizes parametric design along with digital fabrication to bridge the gap between concept and construct. Utilizing wood and plastic, a sociological experiment was created by inducing a sense of ambiguity between social interactions. Moments of clarity open through the shell of the pavilion in order to highlight or attract specific incidents of the human body. Particular points of interest within the surrounding context suggest movements of the geometry in order to create a more accurate sense of space. Utilizing the resources available to us, digital fabrication methods were applied that advise a new shift in construction methods, the translation from design to construction is no longer about numerical dimensions but geometrical relationships brought upon by the complexity of parametric design and technological advancements. A close, intimate space provides the opportunity to engage with other people; revitalizing the traditional sense of the pavilion.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Designer, contractor, and fabricator.
Additional Credits: Elliot Pears and Jing Gu