Darien Kim

Darien Kim

McLean, VA, US

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     Hello! I graduated from Cornell University studying Design & Environmental Analysis, concentrating in Interior Design. I also minored in Informational Sciences. A large focus of my studies is based on the impact of design on its users. I love to see and research the interactions of people and the built environment. All of this helps me to create spaces that maximizes functionality, productivity and communication among its users.

    Throughout my years at Cornell, I have spent working on the analysis of people, brand and design. The study of the environment of a space is very emphasized in the program here. By doing this research and applying it to design, we are able to create a space that promotes the purpose of the brand. In projects in my portfolio, such as the le Joyau jewelry store, a lot of research was put into the surrounding Chicago area. Demographic and spacial allocations are looked into, as well as surrounding competitors for this occasion (retail stores). By using this information, I then designed a space that captures the image of the design brand and keeps a professional aesthetic.

      This past year, I have spent working with a nonprofit organization called Forefront. As their official photographer and videographer, I work with the marketing team to create enticing and aesthetic visuals to raise awareness and knowledge of what we do. My primary duties may lie in photography and graphic design, but by working with them, I have gained many unique experiences. When we took our annual trip, I got the chance to interact with locals and see and learn about the needs and wants of the surrounding people. With this knowledge, we are working together to find active solutions in order to best help them. In our current phase, we are planning out a school where children can have a quality learning environment. What we want to promote is the idea of giving back to the community and are hoping to foster a generation that shares the same ideals.

     I am always available by phone at 310.591.6719 or through email at

Darien Kim



goForefront, Ithaca, NY, US, Photographer/videographer

Photograph and document during international trips and local events. Use photos on social media and to kick- start marketing campaigns, increasing awareness with hundreds of supporters.
Design graphics to use in a brand book, using it as a standard for corporate sponsors and partners
Launched the Cornell Forefront campus chapter, and provided guidance and leadership to students. Campus organization led to events and meetings between students and core leaders to raise awareness and support.

Jun 2016 - current

Cornell Daily Sun, Ithaca, NY, US, Photographer

Documented different events weekly ranging from lectures to dance recitals. Consistently featured in the university newspaper, both on print and on web.
Took portrait shots and collected stories from various students, crafting it into a photomontage that helped bridge and integrate the community

Aug 2014 - May 2016

Cornell University, College of Human Ecology, Ithaca, NY, US, Field Research Assistant

Constructed life-sized school exhibits: Bamboo structures designed to be hurricane- and earthquake-resistant. Structure reconstructed in the Dominican Republic as a model for sustainable housing.
Created conceptual models for displays and calculated product costs for said project.

Jun 2014 - May 2016

Belle Apps, Ithaca, NY, US, Design Intern

Analyzed and compiled data necessary to understand brand and hit target audiences. Created a marketing brochure using data that supports and quali es company.
Designed app UI. Collaborated and worked with developers to maximize user e ciency.

May 2015 - Aug 2015


Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, US, BArch, Design & Environmental Analysis

Aug 2012 - May 2016

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