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superkül Releases Monograph to Celebrate Ten Years in Practice

By Daniels Faculty
Nov 16, '15 3:44 PM EST

Toronto-based architectural firm superkül, the firm of Daniels Faculty Sessional Lecturer Meg Graham and parnter Andre D'Elia, is delighted to announce the launch of its first book, Rain, Gravity, Heat, Cold. The 160-page, limited-edition volume illustrates the philosophy, thinking, and design approach that define the firm’s award-winning practice and its role in the dynamic and evolving creative landscape in Canada and abroad. It highlights projects from a decade of work and reflects superkül’s organization of matter, energy and space, as well as a diversity of environments that are at once enlivened and enlivening through design.

The design of Rain, Gravity, Heat, Cold is a deeply personal, deliberately intuitive experience. The careful, distinct way it was produced reflects superkül’s progressive design philosophy and process. The title, the exploratory nature of the format, the subtle paper transitions, the special silver finishes and the different printing techniques used in production all mirror the organization of materiality that characterize the firm's work and set this book apart from other architectural monographs.

Rain, Gravity, Heat, Cold can be purchased in Canada from the Canadian Centre for Architecture and Swipe, as well as from Internationally, it is available online through Idea Books and