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From floor to furniture: Alumni Indrit Alushani and Kostika Lala receive honorable mention in VMODERN competition

By Daniels Faculty
Jan 18, '16 1:25 PM EST

What is the future of furniture design? This was the question posed by the organizers of the 2015 VMODERM Furniture Design Competition presented by eVolo magazine.

Daniels Faculty alumni Indrit Alushani (MArch 2015) and Kostika Lala(MArch 2015) considered the trend of small living spaces and the growing need for rooms to serve multiple purposes (such as a bedroom and living room and office). Their solution involved designing furniture that can easily transform from an empty hardwood floor to a table, bed frame, or chair — all made out of the integrated panels that pattern the floor. The duo’s entry, titled Floor to Furniture was awarded an honorable mention out of 233 entries from 34 countries.

Write Alushani and Lala in their competition entry:

By employing a series of highly resistant and durable carbon fiber joints, levers and tracks the floor panels can elevate to a height of 700mm which is equivalent to the height of a traditional desk. Moreover the system is motorized which can be controlled from a main unit where the location for where the panels to be raised are indicated as well as the height and any angle adjustments (mainly for seating purposes).

For more information on the competition and Alushani and Lala’s entry, visit the VMODERN Furniture Design Competition website.