Daniel Inocente

Daniel Inocente

New York, NY, US


Biomorphic Living System

Biomorphic Living System (BLS) is an engineered biome, an alternative urban green system promoting poly-cultural ecosystems in urban environments. Combining structure and ecology, BLS is an integrated environment to grow greenery and nurture a self-sustaining ecosystem on building facades. A porous pattern of aerated composite offers both macro and micro cells which allow growth of flora and fauna ecosystems. Macro habitable cells allow for plants, flowers, and herbs to grow. Micro cells of the aerated composite hold nutrients for moss and micro-greenery to disperse throughout. The microcells will be coated with a mixture of growth agents, plant seeds, moss, and nutrients. A web system of misting nozzles will provide irrigation for these unitized ecosystems. The result is a diversity of plant species that create a habitat for a variety of insect and plant species. The vision for Biomorphic Living Screen is to build urban biomes as self-sustaining systems that can be integrated into building systems. These biomes will generate social and environmental transformation at the levels of human experience, public health, and natural urban integration.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Hooman Koliji, Steven Park Chaffer