Daniela Tanzj

Daniela Tanzj

New York, NY, US


Condensation City

Looking at the built city we are tied to a fixed organization made by the elevator connected to a building plinth. The base of the building is often used as a parking garage. This emphasizes the disconnection between the public street and the higher levels of the building. The project proposes a new porosity that allows for a system of circulation and local interconnectivity. To reconsider the entire program of a typical block, buildings are no longer seen as functional containers, but integrated systems capable of changing the very nature of the city itself.

The proposed design brings together all the principles highlighted in each of the blocks. If we unfold the block through a section line we can see that lateral communication at multiple levels brings urbanity to the former-stratified, isolated spaces. Vertical public transportation will significantly reduce the presence of the car and parking lots, while increasing the freedom to independently go from one place to the other.

The system is composed by five main elements: a network made of a loop is the primary transportation system. Elevators are a secondary type of infrastructure. Then there is  a viaduct that uses the roofs of the buildings and connect them together through a continuous path, which also serves as spine and activator of the commercial programs that arise all around it. Residential buildings raise upwards, instead civic facilities and manufacture activity are at the bottom being easily reachable from other blocks.

The proposal is to use a new type of public transportation able to support the communitarian life. The system proposed is a car sharing system. The central concept of the systems is to provide free or affordable access to cars for short-distance trips in an urban area as an alternative to private vehicles, thereby reducing traffic congestion, noise, and parking space. A number of cars are continuously present into the loop. It is possible to move around the space at each level and then return the car in any other section of the loop.

All the rooftops, now conceived as new layers of livable open space, are connected one to the other by a sloping viaduct. This system of roofs connects seamlessly from the ground up, making movement between elevated level and ground transportation an experience in itself.

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Status: School Project