Bojun DAI

Bojun DAI

Beijing, CN


Entry Prize of Dalseong citizen's Gymnasium

The site of Dalseong citizen’s Gymnasium is located at Dalseong-gun of the Daegu Metropolitan City. Between mountains and river, the natural environment of site is characterized by wonderful landscape around. The old gymnasium building will be demolished; while we preserve the memory monument.


To planning the project of Gymnasium, we connected different parameters: topography, accessibility and program. The fusion of these aspects was highly important for the concept definition- to conceive the building as an installation on the landscape.


The topography is crucial in our decision since we had to deal with an enormous difference (about 14m) between the levels of the roads around the site. A landscape carpet replaces the existing platforms of the site. This continuous space smooths the elevations in recovering the characteristic of the   environment.


Lifting the carpet, we found the entrance public of gymnasium on the same level of the interior of the building. Like walking in the mountain, following the curve of carpet, we arrive at the top of this topography. Here, we create a platform, a roof terrace, belvedere -the stage scenario is the huge and impressive landscape with mountains and plain along the riverside. At same time, the roof terrace will be considered as exterior spaces for cultural activities and for leisure. A parking space with 52 places will be founded its entrance on the Hyeonpungjungang-ro. To make the Gymnasium becoming one element of the Dalseong sport Complex Park, a bridge is dragged over the Hyeonpungdong-ro on the north of the site.


We enter in the building, accompanying natural light introduced gently from the slits, without feeling the limit between exterior and interior. The glazing wall offers an interior panoramic view. Lights and activities are shared for all people in the building.  436 Audiences seats could be installed for the badminton courts. A ramp connects the roof terrace and interior space.


Roof structure will be a honeycomb steel system laying on the structural glazing, permitting a maximum space flexibility, natural light and ventilation. By installing the program in heart of terrain, we could reduce the energy consummation.


Three scenarios (environment landscape, roof terrace, interior space) permeate and fuse each other by installing this landscape carpet.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Daegu, KR
My Role: Representative of team
Additional Credits: member : Yun WU