Giuseppe Daniele Lo Presti

Giuseppe Daniele Lo Presti

Dubai, AE



My name is Daniele and I’m an Italian architect. I was born in Palermo, Sicily, in 1990 and since when I was a child, I've always had a great interest towards arts, design and history, interests which later became part of my professional figure.

I graduated from Polytechnic School of Palermo, Italy, in March 2018, obtaining my Master’s Degree in Architecture, with a grade of 108/110. Shortly after my graduation, I moved to Milan, to further my studies related to Interior Design. At the end of March 2019, I obtained my post-graduate II Level Specializing Master in Interior Design from Polytechnic of Milan, with a grade of 108/110.

Since from University and during these last few years, I’ve attended several courses related to the use of BIM, for which I’ve always had a considerable interest. Since November 2021 I’m officially a Licensed Senior Architect of the
Italian Board
. Due to my interest in knowing more about new sustainable construction practices, I’m also currently engaged in the pursuit of the LEED AP BD+C certification

I have now more than 5 years of experience in architectural design and drawing, I have developed projects from the concept stage up to the IFC documentation, I worked on both large and small-scale projects, but during the last few years I focused my interest mainly on high-end hospitality projects. I’m proficient in the use of Autocad, 3DS Max + Vray, Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro, but today I consider Revit as my primary and essential tool for developing any architectural project and for managing properly all the information contained in it. 
Although all of my projects are dear to me, I’m particularly proud to have contributed to the development of the architectural packages for two 5-star resorts in Saudi Arabia, currently under construction. Working for such influential clients, where the expectations are very high, pushed me into refining my working techniques and into finding new approaches to common problems. 

During this last experience of mine in the UAE, I worked as BIM Architect and Project Coordinator for Pascall+Watson, taking care of technical assignments to the BIM team, performing QA/QC on the BIM models and drawings, coordinating other disciplines, and making sure the client’s requests were meeting the expected standards of such high-end brands.

Since graduation, I’ve engaged in continual learning and development, which lead me first to Milan, then to Los Angeles at the end of 2019, and afterward to Dubai at the beginning of 2021, city where I currently live and work. I believe that these international experiences are very precious, as they bring new oxygen and new confidence in facing any type of situation along both personal and professional paths.


Pascall+Watson Architects, Dubai, AE, BIM ARCHITECT & PROJECT COORDINATOR

-Create architectural and interior design drawings on Revit, based on sketches, building specifications and calculations.
-Supporting the project manager by overseeing specific tasks which have been assigned to each BIM team member involved in the project.
-Assigning tasks related to the development of the BIM models assuring that the correct workflow has been respected as per standards.
-Supervising the overall development of the project, assuring that all the client’s requests have been incorporated on time.
-Creation and coordination of element groups, families, annotation, view templates, filters or internal element libraries within the project.
-BIM project coordination with external consultants as MECH, PH, FLS, ID, STR, LIGHT. and others.
-Ensuring that the team members involved are basing the development of the models on parameters and information listed in the BEP.
-Generating and managing detailed construction documentation, including drawings, schedules, and specifications.
-Participating in meetings with project teams to ensure everyone understands how to adhere to the BIM process.
-Overall QA/QC on 3D models and general architectural sheets, from concept design up to the IFC submission.

Jan 2023 - current

MOMA Architecture, Dubai, AE, BIM & DESIGN ARCHITECT

-Leading the overall design of the architectural product in terms of features and style while developing the concept proposal.
-Preparation and supervision of the BIM model shared with internal team members and the external consultants.
-Creation of the required architectural construction set of drawings and coordination with the contractors on site.
-Set up a list of deliverables, working directly with the Project Manager to establish delivery team based on specific team member’s skills.
-Proving advices and indications in terms of choosing the external companies related to the desired CGI documents.
-Production of project documents, insuring the design approach, considering project technical requirements, and general expectations.
-Coordinate the layout, design, and specifications of the project, overseeing the development process in terms of architectural drawings produced by other team members who are helping the team with specific assignments.
-Advising PM, consultants and team members on potential architectural problems encountered during the design process.

Feb 2022 - Jul 2022

Gruen Associates, Los Angeles, CA, US, BIM ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNER

-Coordination of external consultants (plumbing, mechanical, electrical and structural) and contractors based on technical project requirements within the BIM environment, using Autodesk Revit as shared platform.
-Development of the architectural set of drawings, working in teams of 2-4 people, under the supervision of the Project Manager.
-Creation of the Autocad Files, and shared Revit architectural model used as base from the other team members.
-Pre check in terms of QA /QC, applicable US general building codes and the local regulations for government buildings.
-Creation and modification of specific custom Revit families based on the project specifications.
-Site visits and inspections in order to assure the correct execution of the architectural project.
-Development of the first architecture and interior design concept presentation, based on client’s requests and needs.
-Production of renders, graphic works and video presentations for the AIA Los Angeles virtual meeting 2021.

Feb 2020 - Jul 2021


-Create, propose and present ideas and options regarding architectural and interior design projects.
-Working on the REVIT / CAD model to produce plans, elevations and sections under the guidance of designated PA, PD or PM.
-Development of the first concept proposal using software such as 3DS Max, Revit, Autocad, Rhyno and Photoshop.
-Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, providing architectural support to the PA or PD in the design, selection, coordination, and detailing of architectural materials and systems.
-Create the digital project presentation to show the client the possibilities regarding the different proposed options, listing the potential pros and cons in terms of project data.
-Creation of high quality renders, coordinating the work with the other team members.
-Provide accurate data and spreadsheets regarding the concept design general information: land use, buildable area, units, costs.
-Involved in several large scale projects such as the masterplan in Vietnam, a new mall in China, and residential buildings in Italy.

Oct 2018 - Oct 2019

Studio Agnello & Associates, Palermo, IT, ARCHITECTURAL INTERN

-Creation of drawings and video presentation related to the concept / schematic design phase using software such as Revit, Autocad, Photoshop, Microsoft Office regarding the project proposals to the clients.
-Participated in weekly team meeting and contributed to idea generations for projects.
-Evaluation of the relationships between spaces, materials and general project features based on the client needs.
-Creating the first draft of the architectural set of drawings as per project manager instructions, ensuring compliance with local laws and zoning regulations.

Aug 2016 - Jan 2017


Politecnico di Milano, Milan, IT, Masters, Interior Design

Grade 108/110

Mar 2018 - Mar 2019

Università degli Studi di Palermo, Palermo, IT, MArch, Architecture

Grade 108/110

Sep 2011 - Mar 2018

Areas of Specialization