Cyzzannesh Harvey

Cyzzannesh Harvey

San Diego, CA, US



A Bachelors of Architecture student at NewSchool of Architecture and Design, Cyzzannesh is a unique ball of acquired curious intricacies ranging from Photography to Architectural Design and even to Scale Modeling. With interests in music stemming from peaceful classical to the roaring reggae, her Jamaican background breathes through her in the confidence of her speech, professionalism of character, and that ever present smile that simply lights up the room.

When asked what her passion in life is, her smile would fade for a brief moment in almost a slight reminiscence. Her passion- Disaster Rehabilitation, rebuilding cities after natural disasters. The strength of her drive is not dulled by the winding unclear path to her goal. "Every step I make is always a step forward, as each step helps someone along the way" - Cyzzannesh Harvey


NewSchool of Architecture & Design, San Diego, CA, US, BArch, Architecture

3rd Year Student

Sep 2016 - current

Areas of Specialization