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Underline Pavilion: Brickell Stage

The Brickell Stage, is a collaborative installation designed and built by a team of University of Miami School of Architecture faculty and students. This installation, erected during Art Basel, is a winner of the Public Space Challenge, The Miami Foundation’s ideas contest that invests in creating, activating, and enhancing local parks and public gathering places, together with Miami Dade County Transportation & Public Works and Friends of The Underline.

 The project is a temporary pavilion designed to promote the development of the public realm in Miami. Located at the north exit of the Brickell Metrorail station, on The Underline’s future Brickell Backyard, the open-air structure creates a sense of place with an elevated stage and flexible seating to host a variety of free interactive performances including live music, poetry readings, comedy, and more. The Brickell Stage serves area pedestrians, transit riders, cyclists, city dwellers, tourists, art aficionados, and any passerby drawn into the varied programming.

 The design is composed of a pattern of 1,001 painted rods that purposely decrease in precise mathematical increments from the edges to the center of the square platform to form an empty triangular stage space for performances. This design creates a forced perspective that focuses the attention of the spectators on the performers and heightens the visual experience for all. Moreover, while the pavilion stands on its own as a rational form, it is also continually modified and animated by the users, performers, audience, and general public

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Status: Built
Location: Miami, FL, US
Additional Credits: DESIGN TEAM:
University of Miami School of Architecture faculty: Cristina Canton, Jaime Correa, Adib Cure, Steven Fett, Carie Penabad. Elie Mehreb, Bernardo Rievling, and Qiazi Chen.
Tiffany Banks, Andrew Dai, Emily Elkin, Max Erickson, Marisa Gudiel, Elsa Hiraldo, AJ Guillen, Andrea Hernandez-Torres, David Holmes, Laura Martinez, Israel Martinez, Sydney Maubert, Christel Orbe,Mario Ostalaza, Cynthia Pacheco, Dorianne Paris, Catalina Ruiz-Luzio, Jack Shao,Stephanie Tarud, and Yuanxun Xia