Shanghai, CN


Yunshan Art Museum

The Yunshan Art Museum oversees the scenic Simian Mountain of Chongqing and nearby the historic Zhongshan town. With its unique folklore shaped by the local landscape, accumulated an ideal and rich artistic atmosphere for this museum. The distinctive Danxia landforms, assisted by the surrounding vegetation, composes a special, though natural, heart-shaped waterfall. The touching message, “You are in my eye; I am in your heart,” and the love story of the heavenly ladder endow the Simian Mountain with the extraordinary culture of “love.” People come here to search the origins of love, no matter what the love between people, love with objects and love among nature.

We extract the natural elements of water, wood, stone, and sky from the surrounding Simian Mountain and envision visitors by an artistic feeling that encountering the indolent pleasures.

The flowing waterscape welcoming visitors with its dynamic mirroring surface with the new media and directing people to come into this new space. When passing by the entrance, as the terrain gradually sinks, the art museum’s lobby appears on the corner.

Sunlight penetrates the slanting roof through the side windows, interplaying the falling Chinese characters and calligraphy installation to form the extraordinary “love waterfall.” The ground, coated with stainless steel, interacts with the romantic ancient poems, delivers an immersive feeling that inspires imaginations. As visitors entered into the exhibition with the changes between bright and dark, an intuitive and profound artistic experience takes shape.

Stone carries memories. Stepping into the main hall through the terrazzo stairs, the recycled old store and the new forms a visual contrast on the wall, creating a conversation of the past while illustrating the future.

Mountains are filled with wood, bringing a sense of nature. The giant roof is made of walnut wood, so to retain this warm sense to the ceiling, walls, stairs and the furniture. The coffee bar, along with the installation, giving visitors a feeling of comfort to facilitate recreation and achieve new life experiences.

Sky surrounds you whenever you look up. The ceiling’s three-dimensional wavy structure is inspired by the various cloud forms floating over the Simian Mountain. By imitating these flashing moments, we integrate the element of sky into the celling, consolidating slices to form cloud shapes. The transparent materials and the customized LED light mimic the natural sunlight. Sky is right above the head, delivering a changing visual and spatial sensation.

CROX is searching for the ancient scents of Chuan and Yu within a new architecture, integrating it into the tranquility of mountains. The art museum is thus accompanied by the clouds. Encountering it—Oh! You are here!

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Status: Built
Location: Chongqing, CN
Firm Role: Interior & installation design
Additional Credits: Project Name: Yunshan Art Museum
Space Design: CROX
Design Team: C.R.Lin , Li Bentao, Duan Meichen, Mo Shulin, Ling Yufeng, Zhao Wenhui, Huang Peigeng, Zhu Sihan, Wan Ruoja, Gu Bowen, Liu Jingfei
Soft Decoration Design: CROX + Shanghai Dayan Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd
Architectural Design: Yuan Gou Design & Consultant
Landscape Design: Chongqing Wei Tu Landscape Design Co., Ltd.+ CROX
Client: China Construction Real Estate (Tianjin) Co., Ltd
Spatial Nature: tourist center, town marketing exhibition hall, art exhibition
Venue: Jiangjin District, Siping Town, Chongqing
Completion time:2020
Construction Unit: Shenzhen Jianyi Decoration Group Co., Ltd
Indoor Area: 5800 M2
Main Materials: black walnut, Douglas fir solid wood, artificial stone, terrazzo, marble, granite, red copper, manual paint, brown glass
Photographer: Kuomin Lee