Cristina de Lucas Fernández

Cristina de Lucas Fernández

Madrid, ES

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Though I´m happily employed as a junior architect for Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Madrid, I know my goal right now is to build a strong foundation and gain valuable experience so that I´ll have a successful future in this industry. I see myself taking on more responsibilities and learning about the architecture process in a different country. Since the beginning of my career, I´ve always wanted to have the experience of working abroad.

I was born in Madrid and since I was little, I wanted to be an architect, so I started my career in Architecture in 2012. While I was studying full-time I have also worked part-time. This experience has required me to be very organized. It has been especially hard during my master thesis, but I like to set myself achievable goals and find ways to overcome obstacles. I set aside thinking time to come up with alternative ways of getting things done more efficiently. Bringing projects on time and successfully and working under pressure is something I have been doing for over 7 years, and I consider is something important in every architecture studio.

My most recent studio is Ateliers Jean Nouvel. I started there as a 3 month internship, and more than two years after, I continue as a junior architect. I have had the opportunity to work in an international team, developing a project in Quito. I enjoy doing and participating in great architecture projects. The office in Madrid develops projects in South America. I am working on a project of 700 residences in Quito. I started on March 2017, when the project was starting. So I have developed activities during all the architecture process, from the first ideas, to the development of the project. The building is now under construction. I find very interesting seeing how the project is becoming a reality. 

One of my aims since I was studying was to do a good final master thesis. I started my project on September 2017, while I was working at Jean Nouvel. The Jean Nouvel´s team helps me a lot with my project, I really enjoy doing it, and I am proud of my results. The M. Arch Final Thesis had been selected to present to Mayor of Madrid and City Council authorities and for an exhibition in Centro Cultural Conde Duque.

I believe this experience and training has prepared me to take the next step. I believe I can apply the skills obtained from my previous employment in my next position.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration

Cristina de Lucas


Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Madrid, ES, Junior Architect

International professional studio. Large scale Projects. Production and development of documents, drawings, models, images, schemes… related to the design and building process.

Sep 2018 - current

Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Madrid, ES, Internship

Mar 2017 - Apr 2018

Olalquiaga Arquitectos, Madrid, ES, Santander Scholarship CRUE-PYMES 2016

Competitions. Medium and small scale projects. Developing activities during all the process in an architecture contest, from the first ideas, to the development of the project and finally in the final presentation.

Mar 2016 - Aug 2016

Touza Arquitectos, Madrid, ES, Internship

Professional studio comprised of more than forty professionals. Working in a team. Good problem-solving skills required. Using imaginative or design skills to produce or interpret work. The ability to visualize three-dimensional information.

Jan 2016 - Feb 2016

Tutor teacher, Madrid, Maths, physics, technical drawing

Sep 2012 - Dec 2015


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, ES, MArch, Master of Architecture

Selected M. Arch Final Thesis (ETSAM) to present to Mayor of Madrid and City Council authorities.
Specialization: Urban Renewal and Architecture.
Final Thesis: “Dreaming reality. Megastructure for Gran San Blas regeneration.”

Sep 2017 - Jun 2018

International Summer School, Beihang University, Beijing, Beijing, CN, Scholarship Beihang University Summer School 2017

International exchange in Beijing, all paid scholarship. Providing the unique opportunity to study and work together for new knowledge, experience and insights.

Jul 2017 - Aug 2017

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, ES, BArch, Bachelor in Architecture

Five-year degree program and Final Project
Core subjects included Projects, Structures, Construction, Urbanism, Analysis and Composition.

Bachelor thesis, “Parametric design in architecture and fashion. Scale issues”.

Group project: ´Urban ecology center: Madrid-Bio´. The purpose of the project is to provide a new use to an antique vehicle fleet. Working within a team of three, the project involves a deep context analysis, preliminary design; preserving the building structure and producing construction details. Final grade: 9/10

Other group projects included, Design, Construction, Structures and Urban Planning.

Sep 2012 - Jun 2017

New Center International College, Madrid, ES, Bachelors, Baccalaureate Title

Scientific, Technological branch. University entrance examination (equivalent to A-level): Physics, Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Language and Literature, Philosophy and English. Final grade: 9.204/10

Sep 2010 - Jun 2012


Selected M. Arch Final Thesis to present to the Madrid City Council Authorities, Other


Beihang University Summer School 2017, Scholarship


Chinese Bridge Summer Camp, Confucius Institute, Scholarship

A Chinese language and experiencing activity in Shanghai and Beijing, all paid scholarship.
Stimulating my passion for learning Chinese language and culture, through different classes (paper cutting, calligraphy, ink and wash painting, tea ceremony, martial arts…) and varied activities (get together with Chinese students, home-stay experiences…)


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