Cristian Lera

Cristian Lera

Mexico, MX


Pfff! An Inflatable Competition

PFFF is an inflatable architecture competition dedicated to architects, designers, students and engeneers focused on the design and realization of an inflatable pavilion that can embody the spirit of the FARM project. The competition is promoted by FARM, a contemporary active cultural and turistic center project based in Sicily that has as first mission the promotion of contemporary art and culture. PFFF was established under the FARM Cultural Camp project, which aims to carry around the world works and installations by national and international creative youth. The inflatable mobile pavilion project will have a maximum size of 50 square meters. The pavilion will be used many times and it will have to be easily transportable and installable in squares, parks, meeting places of different cities and FARM Cultural Camp tour’s stops. The study of the atmospheric conditions (wind, rain, heat, cold) will be very important as well as the pavilion’s internal security. The study of materials, methods of inflation and deflation, structure anchoring to the ground and openings will be critical to the success and safety of the project.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Rome, Italy
My Role: Architectural Design, graphic design
Additional Credits: Ernesto Nava
Miriam Nosti

How to inflate?
How to inflate?