New York, NY


512 West 22nd Street

 Inspired by both its proximity to the High Line and our pursuit of biophilic design, 512 West 22nd Street provides maximum visual and physical connection to the landscaped environment of the High Line and views of the Hudson River beyond. Designed to achieve a LEED Platinum rating and offer an office environment unlike any other, 510 West 22nd Street sets new standards of health and productivity in the modern workplace.

A glass-enclosed lobby captures natural light from the High Line above and offers tenants and visitors a view of the ground level garden as they approach the elevator banks. Relating to the park's infrastructure, the glass curtain wall is interspersed with structural elements in dark charcoal metal and all terraces feature natural wood ceilings that recall the plantings and wood benches below. The rooftop garden further enhances the connection to the surrounding natural environment with mobile planters installed on tracks that resemble the High Line's original train tracks as well as the rolling chaise lounges in place in the park today.

Office spaces at 512 West 22nd have been designed to create a professional environment that supports the health, well being, and productivity of its employees. Large, light-filled floors with a state-of-the-art under-floor air distribution system are adaptable to a wide range of users, engineered for comfort and high-performance, and create direct connection between tenants and the sights and sounds of the surrounding neighborhood.

Throughout the main area of each floor, tenants and visitors experience panoramic views over the High Line and West Chelsea as a result of panoramic ten foot wide lengths of glass and support columns pulled back 15' from the perimeter window walls. Brise-soleil solar shades installed on the exterior of the building allow abundant natural light to enter work areas while mitigating glare and reducing heat load. Operable window panels also enable tenants to enjoy fresh air and listen to birds living in the High Line's birch tree thicket below.

Taking cues from the way the High Line has artfully woven a dynamic green corridor into the surrounding urban infrastructure, 512 West 22nd Street features over 15,000 square feet of outdoor space for office tenants' use. In particular, landscaped terraces cut into the building profile on the second and a seventh floors offer intimate views of the landscape and trees along the High Line as well as views of the Midtown Manhattan skyline beyond.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: New York, NY, US