Conor Barry

Conor Barry

New York, NY, US


Bronx Housing

Our housing project aims to respond to the profound changes that technology and modern day machines have imposed on the contemporary way of life. This shift has undoubtedly led to a marked improvement in quality of life across all classes but in doing so has left something of an architectural vacuum in the its wake. Architecture has yet to respond to the changes it has imposed. The vast majority of housing initiatives today could have existed ten or twenty years ago but if the way we live has made such a dramatic shift then the way we design for living should make a similar leap forward.

Our proposal consists of a raised perimeter block lined with duplex units. An elevated walkway hugs the main residential area and provides shared breakout space for the residents. The scheme aims to integrate emerging technologies into its design at three different scales: the micro the meso and the macro. 

At the macro scale the project sacrifices all parking space for a driverless car and ride-sharing pickup area. The meso scale incorporates private data storage servers that provide heating to the interior spaces. At the micro scale each unit is equipped with sliding ‘smart-glass’ panels that act as interactive screens and space dividers. Every unit also has its own drone delivery port that allows packages to be delivered when no one is home. This port doubles as extra kitchen counter space when not in use.

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Status: School Project
Location: Bronx, NY, US
Additional Credits: Partner: Stephanie Bigelow