Cody Weiss

Cody Weiss

Marietta, GA, US


Urban Columbarium

Located in Downtown Atlanta, the urban columbarium seeks to resolve the issue of land consumption of common cemetery land consumption. 


The chapel becomes the tallest, most upward volume - the closest to the afterlife. The mourner’s walk takes place across the entire length of the building; entering a tunnel that passes straight through the interior volumes, directly into the chapel space. The never bending tunnel comes to a rest at the altar, which is in view the duration of the walk, coming ever closer, washed in light. The inside walls of the chapel are lined with stairs, not ending at the physical end of the volume, but with the intention of extending into a non-physical realm.

The columbarium itself is located within the veil, hanging the urns from its fabric skin. This veil defines a space created by the volumes - captured volumes of light draped in a veil; the veil acts, also, to retain the captured light, filtering it selectively through its gaps. The veiled skin becomes a reflection of mourning, entombing the volumes in a feeling of loss and sadness. The faceted skin of the veil is not bound to a three-dimensionsal system; it exists across many axes, undefinable to a single direction or dimension – much like death.

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Status: School Project
Location: Atlanta, GA, US