Claudia Westermann

Claudia Westermann

Suzhou, CN


Chinese Landscape Aesthetics: the exchange and nurturing of emotions

"[..] flowing with the waters, halting with the mountains. In the images of light and wind the ephemeral is inscribed. Time is part of space. The scene performs.” | 

"Chinese Landscape Aesthetics: the exchange and nurturing of emotions" is a short essay published in a book on new Chinese landscape architecture. The essay presents traditional Chinese concepts that are typically translated into English as 'landscape.' Following the etymology of the Chinese terms and recognizing that their conceptual focus is on the exchange and nurturing of emotions, which is not captured by the English term, we can gain a new understanding also of contemporary works of Chinese landscape architecture.

This short essay on Chinese landscape aesthetics can be accessed via google books by following the underlying link.

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Status: Built
Location: Jutta Kehrer (ed.), 2020, New Horizons: Eight Perspectives on Chinese Landscape Architecture Today
My Role: chapter author
Additional Credits: Jutta Kehrer (ed.)