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Jan '14 - Apr '14

  • The year is 3098..

    By hassanykb
    Apr 25, '14 7:40 PM EST


    The year is 3098; humans and robots are engaged in a fierce war for survival, control, territory and scarce resources.

    They have been locked in combat for close to half a century now.

    The Humynx (human alliance) comprising the minority groups of apes, humairds (flying humans)humans and the majority advanced Humanoids are led by the Humenes the last-stage-humans with superior psychic capabilities. They have taken residence in the belly of Everest herself, to be close to the last remaining source of natural heat on earth.

    The machine alliance comprising the 10th generation robots has superior intelligence only matched by the Humenes. They populate the southern hemisphere in mega machine cities with their capital, Atlantyx, the pearl of the South.

    The internet has long crashed, a 5 string code that had bound the world wide web together, known only to its maker the immortal brain, Sir Tim Berners Lee was stolen from his secret safe in the vaults beneath the Fort Knox.

    It fell into the hands of the 5th generation humanoid robots in 2658 who exploited it in their operation “Purple Kidney” which sucked all  data off the internet crashing it in the process. The horrors of this day are still remembered by the human race in what they label Purple Monday.

    Big Data that had been harvested is stored in level 10 secret facilities near the earth’s core under Atlantyx.

    Climate change has long caused its worst; the earth is now barren land. Water and food are 3D printed in high-end level 10 facilities and distributed by Wybyx, the supposed successor to the Web. The sun is almost burned out.

    The last alliance of civilisations worked on a replacement having decoded the nuclear fusion reaction with the help of Einsteinis IX, 5th generation brain from Albert Einstein cultured in the foremost Biotech facility known to the Human race.

    In the midst of all this turmoil, the last charge that will destroy or build the earth is nigh.

    In a small hamlet, in faraway northern lands of Aphrykantu, a video is discovered in the most mysterious of circumstances.

    The video shows a recording from the 21st century, the year is 2014, the month June, Thursday the 24th, the then leader of the free world a black man of the human race by name Barack Obama meets the 1st generation Ancestor, ASIMO of present day High Byte (the leader of the machines) Optimus XX.

    …. In that meeting they shared pleasantries and engaged in a brief game of football, an ancient human game.


    This very act of mutual respect, hard to come by these days is viewed by all as a gesture that could lead to eternal peace between races!!!



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  • Emerging Urbanisms – Localised sustainability in cities of the global south.

    By hassanykb
    Apr 25, '14 7:39 PM EST

    Part 2 – Environmental Sustainability in Asia         [1] Tianjin eco-cityAsia today is known as the manufacturing powerhouse of the world. From the sweatshops in China, India or Bangladesh many a fancy gadget has seen the light of day after hours under extreme working conditions.Anyway... View full entry

  • Emerging Urbanisms – Localised sustainability in cities of the global south.

    By hassanykb
    Mar 11, '14 11:48 AM EST

    Part 1  - Social Sustainability in Latin America.Most Latin American cities witnessed rapid urbanisation in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s as a result of high rates of urban growth by increasing populations and rural – urban migration. Between 1920 and 1970, the region had the second highest... View full entry

  • Urban Planning in Africa – Could we leapfrog?

    By hassanykb
    Jan 8, '14 3:06 PM EST

    The world as we know it is undergoing fundamental change in spatial patterns. Indeed it has been so for a while. Settlement patterns are one of the most dynamic facets of the human experience; in fact they are, as we know it, a reflection of any civilization in space as history is with respect to... View full entry

  • Urban Africa - The Informal as our Passport to Development

    By hassanykb
    Jan 8, '14 3:03 PM EST

    In 2007, the world chalked a feat, which perhaps went unnoticed in media circles. That year it was recorded that more than half of the world’s population lived in cities according to the UN. According to projections from the United Nations, a dip is nowhere near; urbanisation is set to... View full entry

  • The Apocalyptic Informal - The big screen and glimpses of the future city?

    By hassanykb
    Jan 8, '14 2:54 PM EST

    The big screen as we know it, is popular at predicting the future. Whiles the predictions in certain films just re-echo a scientific industry craving, others are straight out of the blue prying into the very recesses of our craving minds. Some are said to be prototypes put on display in the... View full entry

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